Settling Cider

...An infusion of fresh ginger, fresh orange, fennel seed, cardamon, liquorice root, star anise and clove in organic, unpasteurised, raw Apple Cider Vinegar containing 'The Mother'.  This blend is left to ferment and infuse for 4-6 weeks allowing alchemy to work its magic. The ingredients are then drained away leaving behind this flavoursome goodness. The ingredients naturally sweeten the Apple Cider Vinegar but a little local Harrogate Honey is also added to take off the remaining sharpe edge and bring more goodness to the blend.

This sweet, tangy infusion has been designed not only to add great flavour to the original and distinct flavour of Apple Cider Vinegar but also to amplify its believed benefits for gut health due to its multitude of enzymes and good gut bacterias from the fermentation process. These spices have been used for thousands of years to encourage metabolism, aid bloating, and support digestion. Take daily or as a pre or post digestive shot, added to food or hot or cold water are all great ways of getting it into the system.


Great gift idea...

Who knows a food lover, that gets excited about new flavours, ideas and all things natural and homemade.

Or maybe you have friends or family that have been suffering with digestion and have food intolerances. This could be just the tonic! Literally!

The perfect non-alcoholic bottle to bring for an after dinner digestive, it provides the same kick and burst of energy as an alcoholic shot, minus the hangover!

Maybe you have a friend who always makes too much delicious food?  Worse problems to have, undoubtedly, however, take a bottle of ‘Settling Cider’ with you and suggest a digestive shot. Give it 15 minutes and you'll be ready for the cheeseboard. Not only will it bring an extra course to the meal its always a great talking point.




300ml bottle £12

3 x 300ml bottle £30


Travel size

100ml bottle £6

3 x 100ml bottle £15




Settled all my symptoms...

“I'm not exaggerating when I say that Katherine's apple cider vinegar mixtures are amazing and have completely changed my health for the better.  I sceptically tried some given to me by a friend and couldn't believe that, after a history of digestive discomfort and bloating, it settled all my symptoms and really improved both my sleep and energy levels, which I hadn't expected.  I'm a complete convert!”

— G. Gladwyn.

Having very positive effects...

“I'm currently using the settling cider and not only is it yummy but having very positive effects.”

— N. Bradshaw.

Helps with my bloating...

“I am LOVING them! I genuinely think they are slowly helping my IBS after only a few weeks taking them, and I also find them so soothing and delicious - its so nice to drink something that isn’t sweet after a meal”

— E. May..