Organically fermented, unpasteurised, raw Apple Cider Vinegar containing 'The Mother' infused with root spices, citrus fruits, herbs and honey.



Settling Cider 


A naturally sweet, sharp and tangy infusion to aid and support digestion and gut health.

Fire Cider


An invigorating infusion filled with fiery spices to support the body's natural immunity.

Golden Cider


An earthy blend full of powerful natural anti-inflammatories. 

“I'm not exaggerating when I say that Katherine's apple cider vinegar mixtures are amazing and have completely changed my health for the better.  I sceptically tried some given to me by a friend and couldn't believe that, after a history of digestive discomfort and bloating, it settled all my symptoms and really improved both my sleep and energy levels, which I hadn't expected.  I'm a complete convert!”

G. Gladwyn

Stocked By

Retreat, 30 Coppice Way, Harrogate, N. Yorkshire

Acorn Wellness Center, Brimham Rd, N. Yorkshire

Lear Fitness, Montpellier Mews, Harrogate, N. Yorkshire

Quality Foods, Westminster Arcade, Harrogate, N. Yorkshire

Good Life Health Food Shop, The Square, Wetherby N. Yorkshire

Future Health, 6 Hunter Street, Whitby, N Yorkshire.

The Face Studio, The Oval, 25a Bracken Park, Scarcroft, Leeds


This product is intended as a health food supplement. Retreat Remedies make no claims about the medical application of apple cider vinegar, or our infusions. Retreat Remedies blends are developed based on our own research and personal experiences and we kindly suggest you do the same. We do not recommend you take our apple cider vinegar infusions if pregnant, or taking prescribed medicine, take advice from your doctor, nutritionist or medical practitioner first.

Photos by Nik Pickard