Golden Cider an Infusion of fresh tumeric root and black pepper in organic, unpasteurised, raw Apple Cider Vinegar containing 'The Mother'. This blend is left to ferment and infuse for 4-6 weeks allowing alchemy to work its magic. The ingredients are then drained away leaving behind this golden goodness and sweetened with local Harrogate Honey.    

The Indian Root spice Tumeric provides an earthy depth, which mellows the sharpness of the Apple Cider Vinegar compared to the Black Pepper which gives it its kick. Moreover, tumeric's infamous anti-inflammatory property curcumin is triggered by the activation of black pepper 10 times over, meaning it should never be taken without. When trying to absorb the full potential of this root spices its recommended to take alongside some form of fatty acid, so we suggest taking it with or close to food containing healthy fats. 



Great Gift Idea...

This could be that thoughtful gift for anyone that is trying to get tumeric into their system as they are suffering with inflammation in the body. Not everyone realises that without black pepper the curcumin is not being activated to its full potential.

This is a great gift to give to anyone that is suffering with pain and is open to the power of nature and nutrition.



300ml bottle £12

3 x 300ml bottle £30


Travel size

100ml bottle £6

3 x 100ml bottle £15




Has improved my gout...

"My daughter bought me this concoction for Fathers Day as I had been suffering terribly with my gout. She had read that Apple Cider Vinegar and Tumeric were both great natural remedies to aid this. I was hesitant but happy to give anything a go, and I am delighted to say it has reduced the pain significantly, I have been taking it for two months now and actually enjoy my morning shot, especially knowing its helping and I'm not taking more tablets. Well done Retreat Remedies”

— A.Walker

Helps ease the pain...

“I would just like to say how amazing the Golden Cider is. It has sorted out my digestion a treat and I am hoping it will keep colds at bay this winter as it has already improved my painful achey knees. well worth a try and tastes good too..”

— H. Ellis.

I just hate taking tablets...

“I absolutely love my Golden Cider, I don't always remember to take it, but soon remember when I'm in pain. Wether its a headache or back pain or my joints feel stiff I get back on it and it soon goes. I hate taking tablets, because I don't like swallowing them and don't like putting synthetics into my body when I'd rather turn to nature. I love that its handmade and I love your packaging and branding.”

— L. Warwick.




This product is intended as a health food supplement. Retreat Remedies make no claims about the medical application of apple cider vinegar, or our infusions. Retreat Remedies blends are developed based on our own research and personal experiences and we kindly suggest you do the same. We do not recommend you take our apple cider vinegar infusions if pregnant, or taking prescribed medicine, take advice from your doctor, nutritionist or medical practitioner first.