Fire Cider 

An infusion of sinus clearing horseradish, ginger and citrus fruits aside the powerful punch of onion and garlic, bring Apple Cider Vinegar some serious tang and fire. This ancient recipe has been made for thousands of years, adapted by many to perfect flavour and purpose but in general as a natural immune support for those winter months. The infusion is left to ferment for 4-6 weeks allowing 'The Mother' to multiply further, increasing the amount of natural probiotics, enzymes and vitamins. Once all the ingredients have drifted to the bottom signifying that the alchemy is done, its drained and sweetened with organic and local Harrogate Honey.

Fire Cider can be taken in a number of tasty ways: add hot water and have like a 'Hot Toddy', a neat shot either as a morning supplement, or before bed as a restorative shot, added to salad dressings and sauces, or used like botanical bitters in your favourite juices such as a virgin Bloody Mary. Getting this powerful mix into the system is sure to give the body a boost of energy and give the immune system a helping hand the way Mother Nature intended. 


Gift Idea....

If you are anything like me I just love to make someone feel better! So I think this is a thoughtful gift when someone is under the weather. We all love to be loved and cared for so even just the thought behind it is going to help.

Maybe you know someone who always needs that extra boost through winter months or when the kids go back to school and come home snotty. Why not help support someone that would benefit in some prevention over cure!




300ml bottle £12

3 x 300ml bottle £30


Travel size

100ml bottle £6

3 x 100ml bottle £15




I take mine on holiday....

“I got given Fire Cider by my mum last Christmas when I once again came home and got poorly after slowing down after a stressful few months. I thought it was another of her hippy dippy efforts, but was miserable so would try anything. I swear it worked, and I really like the kick it gives if nothing else. I love having it at hand, so I even take it on holiday as I know thats when my body inevitably is run down, I take it before and after flying and it really does work .”

— J.Pullman.

In love with your Fire Cider....

“I Can't tell you how great it is to not worry when the kids come home all snotty from nursery and I'm thinking 'I can't afford to get this' I work for myself and need to be well. Last year I found fire cider and I have not been unwell since. I wish I could get the kids to take it. Amazing well done Katherine for bringing back one of the original medicines. My tummy is loads better too.”

—.D. Tressal.

Got rid of my chesty cough...

“I've had one one of those lingring chesty coughs for 6 months after being really ill with a chest infection. I didn't want to take more antibiotics as they had upset my tummy and I had tried every capsule, tincture and tea going, but nothing would shift it. I took fire cider daily for two weeks and it god rid of my chesty cough and seem to sort my tummy out. I will certainly be buying more when its run out, thank you”

— J.Goodard.



This product is intended as a health food supplement. Retreat Remedies make no claims about the medical application of apple cider vinegar, or our infusions. Retreat Remedies blends are developed based on our own research and personal experiences and we kindly suggest you do the same. We do not recommend you take our apple cider vinegar infusions if pregnant, or taking prescribed medicine, take advice from your doctor, nutritionist or medical practitioner first.