Evenings full of “Natural and Nourishing” suppers along with learning all about how we can incorporate a more Natural lifestyle, diet homemade meals, herbal drinks, healthy fish desserts and herbal tonics and and plants that we can incorporate into our diets and lifestyles that can help heal

Overtime Ive released that the Retreat is such a great space not only to treat but also to Eat! Over the last 10 years I have been on many many courses as I just love learning about anything to do with healing, herbal remedies, food, fermenting and just general ways of how we can take care of ourselves in a more natural way. Ive talked about doing the Supperclubs for a long time where I cook a nourishing supper incorporating nutritional foods, herbs and spices that i’ve learnt a lot about, while teaching and sharing all that I know about essential oils, herbal teas, tinctures and tonics. How we can grow herbs in our garden that we can use safely in the home for ourselves and the family as we turn to nature to heal not synthetics and chemicals. I’m excited to start sharing all of this knowledge and empower you all on how to take responsibility for your own health.

The evening will incorporate several courses of plant based foods, sweet snacks, and many herbal infusions to drink. The evenings will be based on different topics such as the digestive system, hormones, sleep, immune system etc that I will talk about what herbs, spices, foods, essential oils etc that can support this, allowing you to try and make your own herbal remedy to take home with you. I can fit 7 around my lovely old table where we will enjoy the reading environment of the retreat at night, meaning your sure to go home nourished, knowledgeable and confident to give things a try.


Gut Healing & Digestion